2018 in review

My life had been prolonged with health problems. I went through 3 years of chemotherapy due to histiocytosis when I was 2 years old, I was later diagnosed with diabetes insipidus which just means my body doesn’t retain water, I was diagnosed with celiac disease and have so many other auto immune disease and illnesses since. 2018 started out with me getting my first job and leaving after a week due to gluten allergies. I found my next job at domino’s pizza which so far has been the job I’ve been able to hang on the longest even though I suffered an anxiety attack after working nearly 11 hours straight, and after being robbed at gunpoint I suffered from another anxiety attack a few days later which ended my job there. I went on to work at hyvee, jimmy johns, and teph seal. I have had to quit all of them but my most recent job I will leave due to more problems that have arisen. Sunday I was at my boyfriends house sitting on the couch and felt my anxiety levels rise, after working on a puzzle for about an hour I began feeling nauseous and we went and layed down and I could not get comfortable so after about 20 minuets I has to either go throw up or make myself. At that point he got me water and I was shaking so bad water was going everywhere. Eventually I finally layed on the ground and thought I was going into anifelectic shock, my throat was swelling up, I was shaking and hyperventilating. At that point my boyfriend called the paramedics and they finally got me to calm down and I didn’t think much of that event until I went out to eat with my family a few days later and in the car my body felt like it was shivering but I wasn’t cold and all of a sudden my arms started showing seizure symptoms, after getting home I had about 8 more episodes. But I can say that has been the scariest experience I have ever gone through. I went and saw the doctor today and he ordered blood work to see if any of my hormones are off if that comes back fine the next step will be an MRI. This is defiantly the scariest time of my life and I hope I can get answers sooner than later. If you could send a couple thoughts and prayers my way. Love you all!