Arlandish gallery

It's official been a 12 hour day. Had a job interview at 8 (I always wake up an hour before my alarm goes off don't ask me why) got up at 6. Started running my errands about 10:30. And started setting up at Artlandish gallery about noon. Took me four hours to set up. Thank you Brett Wisman your spirit was with me setting up. I came home got ready and headed back at 5. Completely exceeded my expectations. I was smiling the whole time. I just had to get a picture with me and a cancer survivor. (And of course I am not looking at the camera.) She really inspired me tonight. I am not going to make a long explaination of what my day looked like but it's been the best day I've ever felt in my art career. Meeting with so many amazing people and Gretchen Smith your getting your painting buddy back because I sold a PAINTING! My favorite metallic acrylic pour. I am so glad I was able to go to this first Friday and look forward to many more. Going to try some new thinks for the next one. I really wish I was able to park my car out front, but everything worked out the way I wanted. I loved hearing is that your car out front? Not sure how many of those I got. If you ever get the chance to go go downtown look for my booth downstairs. Thank you everyone who came out and supported me. 9 o'clock I headed off to work. Worked 2 hours and got a paycheck!!!!! Please ignore the bruises on my legs. I am most likely low on vitamin b 12.