Health Problems continue

I haven’t kept up with my website, facebook or any social media as good as I should have been because even though I didn’t realize it at the time but I was really sick. I ended up in the emergency room the day of June 19th after falling on my nightstand and getting a gash in my head. I knew I hadn’t felt right for a long time, even asking my mother to take me to the er, but with nothing they could of done we just waited and lived out our lives. Two days prior to me ending up in the er I was bound to a wheelchair, I could not walk at all. The day of the 19th I had just gotten out of bed lost control of my body and balance and my head landed on my nightstand, my dad just got home when I started screaming after having the local fire department come and help me stand up and get me upstairs my mom rushed me to the hospital only to get a call from my doctor saying my sodium levels dropped to 109. From that moment on I was in for a roller coaster ride. After looking back on everything my mom found out I started having seizures a day after I was admitted to the hospital. I am thankful I don’t remember much because that was the longest hospital stay I’ve ever had in my 22 years of living. I started having Grandma seizures 6 days after my arrival when they slowly tried to raise my sodium levels. They tried 4 times raising and lowering my sodium and that last time they were successful. I remember them drawing blood every 2 hours, I developed Pneumonia from being on a ventilator and an xray was performed, I was put through 3 MRI’s, a spinal tap, I had electrodes on my forehead three times to measure seizure activity. I was exhausted after a 22 day stay. The doctors who come in every morning even said they don’t get very many patients with low sodium. So I am very lucky to be alive. After everything I just went though and went through as a child I firmly believe I was put on this Earth for a reason. I am still searching for that reason but I think it has something to do with my artwork. I traded in my ford focus known as the “Art Car” in Columbia Missouri, I traded it for a brand new car with promises to get it wrapped but those plans fell trough. I have been unable to drive since my seizures because of a 6 month wait to assure your safe to be on the road again. I want nothing more than to be driving again and maybe in my dream car, a 1968 Mustang Fastback and you bet ya I am going to add my artwork to it because it’s who I am. I still haven’t found my magic touch for drawing again but am feeling super eager about a possible show in New York City. Stay tuned I hope to have some time lapse videos added to my you-tube channel within the next couple of weeks.