That one word… depression

Depression killed Robin Williams. Depression lives amongst many of us. It's something worse to deal with than a 22 day hospital stay. I still cry everytime I think about that text I sent to my own mother. What if you find me hanging in a closet? You'd loose it and loose your one and only daughter and ultimately it'd ruin my entire family's lives. Some people decided to take the path of suicide but I want to live. Ever since I was released from rehabilitation I've been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. It's a horrible thing to think of and have constantly running through my mind. My life could of been taken away from me many times before but I am here for a reason. I live my day to day life sometimes not wanting to face society others jumping up and down with joy. It's something everyone might face in their lifetime you just have to learn to live around it. Surround yourself with those you love, place yourself into situations you wouldn't see yourself in. Just keep yourself busy and learn to live the life God gave you. -Morgan